The CNM conference, organized by “Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale” (ATENA), is one of the major Italian scientific events on maritime and nautical culture. The conference will take place in two days, November 14th and 15th 2019, covering all the conceptual and theoretical aspects connected to the research in engineering, history, architecture, economic, and social sciences fields. After the great success of the previous two editions, about 100 contributions are expected which will be organized in parallel sessions by topic. The CNM 2019 conference will be held in Naples, with the aim of promoting the dialogue between scholars, professionals, and those who are involved, with their particular skills, in research, development, and enhancement of sea culture.

Key Dates

within May 31, 2019
within Jul. 15, 2019
within Sep. 1, 2018
from Sep. 1, 2019
Nov. 14 - 15, 2018


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities and modalities can be discussed with CNM 2019 organizing committee. For more information you can contact us at



Naples - Saints Marcellino and Festo Monastery
Largo S. Marcellino

The former Monastry of Saint's Marcellino and Festo is located in the city centre and now it is part of University of Naples, Federico II. The monastry history begins in the middleages and, over the centuries, it was extended and has been enriched by prominent painters and architects interventions.


Conference registration fee will give admittance at the conference hall and all workshop and seminars. It will also include conference kit, coffee breaks, and light lunches during the conference days. The Fees include VAT.


For more information contact us at:

Organizing Committee

Alberto MOROSO (ATENA President) - Chairman
Vittorio BUCCI (ATENA National Secretary) - Conference Secretary
Antonio PRISCO (ATENA Napoli Sud-Italia) - Conference Accountant
Luca BRAIDOTTI (University of Trieste) - Information Technology Supervisor
Roberto BALESTRIERI (ATENA Napoli Sud-Italia)
Serena BERTAGNA (University of Trieste)
Massimo DE DOMENICO (ATENA, National Tresaurer)
Bruno DELLA LOGGIA (ATENA, Former President)
Fabio DE LUCA (University of Naples Federico II)
Ernesto FASANO (University of Naples Federico II)
Francesco MAURO (University of Trieste)
Maria Carola MOROZZO DELLA ROCCA (University of Genoa)
Antonio SCAMARDELLA (University of Naples Parthenope)
Antonio TROIANO (ATENA Napoli Sud-Italia)

Track Directors

Maria CERRETA (University of Naples Federico II) - Waterfront evolution and coastal marine environment
Massimo CLEMENTE (CNR-IRISS) - Waterfront evolution and coastal marine environment
Salvatore GAGLIONE (University of Naples Parthenope) - History of ships and navigation
Davide GNOLA (Maritime Museum, Cesenatico) - Maritime museums and libraries
Alberto MARINO' (University of Trieste) - Naval architecture and marine engineering evolution
Maria Carola MOROZZO DELLA ROCCA (University of Genoa) - Refitting and conservation of nautical marine and maritime heritage
Massimo MUSIO-SALE (University of Genoa) - Ship and nautical design
Raffaella SALVEMINI (CNR-ISSM) - The careers of the sea
Salvatore TROISI (University of Naples Parthenope) - History of ships and navigation

Scientific Committee

Giosuè ALLEGRINI (Italian Navy, Historical Office)
Piero AUCELLI (University of Naples Parthenope)
Serena BERTAGNA (University of Trieste)
Luca BRAIDOTTI (University of Trieste)
Vittorio BUCCI (ATENA, National Secretary)
Ubaldo LA MONACA (University of Trieste)
Francesco MAURO (University of Trieste)
Loredana PANARITI (University of Trieste)
Biagio PASSARO (University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli)
Maria SIRAGO (NAV LAB, Maritime History Laboratory)
Francesco TIBONI (ATENA Cu.Ma.Na.)
Antonio TROIANO (ATENA Napoli Sud-Italia)

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