The NAV conference, organized by “Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale”, is the major Italian scientific event on marine technology issues. The conference will take place in three days, covering the whole spectrum of maritime technology themes, with particular attention to new methods for the use of the sea as a source of energy and resources. About 200 papers are expected which will be shown in parallel sessions and in conjunction with specific workshops. The NAV 2021 conference will take place in Genoa, with the aim of highlighting the scientific, technological and industrial world. For this purpose, a Committee of Honor with the personalities of excellence of the Italian maritime world has been set up, giving them the role of “ambassadors” of the conference.


with the collaboration of

Key Dates

within Nov. 16, 2020
within Mar. 15, 2021
within Apr. 30, 2021
from Jan. 27, 2021
Jun. 9-11, 2021

Organizing Committee

Alberto Moroso (ATENA President) – Chairman
Carlo Podenzana Bonvino (University of Genoa) – General Event Organiser
Claudio Boccalate (Italian Navy) – Event Organizer in La Spezia
Valerio Ruggiero (University of Messina) – Conference Secretary
Luca Braidotti (University of Trieste) – IT Manager
Pietro Canepa (ATENA Liguria Piemonte)
Bruno Della Loggia (ATENA Lombardia)
Ernesto Fasano (University of Naples)
Paolo Frandoli (ATENA Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Pietro Lauro (ATENA Liguria Piemonte)

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